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Hurricane Florence & the Potential Financial Devastation

By |2018-09-24T11:56:35-06:00September 19th, 2018|Asset Protection, Community, Consumer Protection|

Hurricane Florence made landfall this past Thursday evening with the coastline of North Carolina taken the brunt of the impact.  Hopefully, the threat to human life will be minimal with evacuations occurring prior to landfall but what will likely be inevitable is the destruction to residences, businesses, infrastructure, etc. that residents will encounter when they [...]

5 Reasons You Should Create a Last Will

By |2015-06-11T14:28:31-06:00April 15th, 2015|Asset Protection|

Although Wills and estate planning laws do vary state to state, one rule holds true: if you don't have a Last Will and Testament, the Government makes one for you. That means your assets and estate are distributed according to the generic laws in your state. Generally, this means the government will split your belonging [...]

10 Reasons Why Financial Plans Aren’t Just For The 1%

By |2018-09-22T08:23:06-06:00April 1st, 2015|Asset Protection|

Studies show that a comprehensive financial plan can benefit people at all income levels — but not a lot of Americans know this. Only 31% of financial decision makers in families say they have created a comprehensive financial plan either on their own or with professional help, according to the 2012 Household Financial Planning Survey [...]